My Second Skydiving Experience

It was an early Thursday morning, 6am to be exact. I went to bed late the night before so I was tired and wanted to hit snooze and keep sleeping but if I did, I knew I would be late for an important day. It was one of my friends 30th birthday and she wanted to go skydiving to celebrate. I told her I would go with her even though I had been before. We bought a Groupon for Orlando Skydiving Center in Titusville. We were supposed to get there at 8am but were running late and were originally going to jump from 12,000 feet but since we were late, we had to upgrade our jump to 15,000 (an extra $100). Anyways, when we got there, they showed us videos of others that had gone and after you pay you have to fill out a bunch of paperwork that basically says that you are choosing to go skydiving and if you die it isn’t their fault. (Pretty standards stuff.) Since this was my second time going, I knew more of what to expect and enjoyed the experience more! So I came up with some suggestions if you are thinking about skydiving, trying to get up the courage or just want to know what its like through someone else who has done it.

Wear Long Sleeves

So, I have some extra upper arm flab (that I’m working on getting rid of) and I wore a short sleeve shirt. After we jumped out of the plane and I extended my arms out (like a bird when it is flying) my arm fat started flapping around and it hurt. I didn’t remember this experience the first time I went but definitely remember thinking that I should have worn long sleeves to help hold my arm fat in place. It is also very cold when you first jump out( I get cold easily) but it feels about 10 – 15 degrees cooler.

Focus on the experience, not your fear

The first step in overcoming your fear of skydiving is to buy your ticket and book a day to do it, once you do that, then its harder to back out. The first time I went skydiving, I was pretty back and forth with myself and I made the decision to go very last minute. I think that was the only way I would have done it the first time by not having much time to talk myself out of it because im very good at that. This time around, I planned it out in advance and my thoughts were, I didn’t die the first time around so there was a good chance that I wouldnt die this time either. My friend said that she wasn’t scared until she started filling out all the paperwork and that really made her think, “what if I DO die”. I reassured her that its just legal stuff that they have to put and we’ll be fine. I am living proof that I didn’t die my first time around. Anyways, one of my tips is focus on how you will feel after you’ve jumped out of a plane, fell from the sky and landed safely on the ground. You have to imagine that will happen in order to calm your nerves, the more you think about the what ifs, the more scared and nervous you will be.

Look around!

Once you are all ready to go and are walking to the plane, look around. As the plane is going up in the sky, look at the difference in the size of the buildings, the clouds, the beautiful scenery. For some reason both times when I went skydiving and I looked out of the windows, it helped calm me down. After you jump out of the plane, it is easy to just look down and focus on the ground hoping that you will make it there safely but you are missing out on so much of the experience if you just look down. For me, looking around helped calm me down, it made me realize how small I really was in the big scheme of things. I was merely a speck in the world. The best way I can describe skydiving is like riding on a motorcycle. If you’ve never experienced what its like to ride on a motorcycle, try that first. The first time I rode on a motorcycle, it was exciting, scary and exhilarating. I felt free, liberated and nervous. When you are in a car, you feel protected because you have a bunch of metal around you and you are enclosed. When you are on a motorcycle, you don’t feel that same sense of security. Instead, you think about how close you are to the road, what the wind feels like on your hair and skin. Skydiving is the same way but on a bigger scale.

Go with a friend!

If you have someone to experience this with, that is as daring as you are and wants to go skydiving then go with them! I tried to get a group of friends to go for my friends birthday but no one else came with us. OVerall, I am so glad I was able to go again and the second time is so much better than the first because you get to experience the beauty of it more the second time around without your fear and nerves consuming you.

Go for IT!

The most important thing is to TRY! Life is so short, we all have things that we said we would do, or things that we wish we could do and my advice to you is to not wait until the perfect time to try something that youve always wanted to do but to gather some courage and go for it! When you are old, you will think back on your life either with the thoughts of all of the things you should of done or be happy that you went after your goals and conquered your fears. Since I have gone skydiving twice, now I am planning and thinking about what I am going to do next! If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments below! Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my suggestions! 🙂

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