Daily Affirmations for Women

Heeyyyy Ladies!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great time celebrating! Today was the first day I started my daily affirmations and am going to create the habit of speaking them for the next 21 days. Here are the 21 affirmations that I am speaking over myself for the New Year.

1. I am courageous

2. I am brave

3. I am strong

4. I am able to accomplish anything that I set my mind to

5. I am kind

6. I am a world traveler

7. I attract abundance in my life

8. I attract success in every area of my life

9. I am beautiful

10. I am calm

11. I am able to handle any obstacle that comes my way

12. I am organized

13. I am blessed

14. I am an inspiration to others

15. I am a great mother

16. I am a musician

17. I am at peace with my life

18. I am valued

19. I am a great friend

20. I am bilingual

21. I am a creator

All of these things are things I want to get better at or cultivate more in my life in 2021. What are some things that you want to become better at this year?

What are some things that you want to change this year? Let me know in the comments what you think!


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