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I am on a journey to become a better version of myself. I just finished listening to the audiobook Cant Hurt Me by David Goggins and it totally revolutionized the things I thought I was capable of. My brother initially told me of the book and told me he was going to download it(we share an audible account) but then read some of the reviews and changed his mind because a lot of people said that he “curses too much”. A few weeks went by and he talked to someone else and they said it was definitely worth the read so he downloaded it. As he was listening to it, he kept telling me about how wonderful of a book it was and told me that I needed to start listening to it as soon as possible. When I started listening, I was enthralled with it. Every day I looked forward to listening to it and learning more about his story. I was truly captivated by all that he had gone through in his life and amazed at all he had overcome! These are all of the things I have learned from his book.

It Doesnt Matter How You Start

David Goggins had a rough childhood to say the least. His father was very abusive, physically, verbally and emotionally. His father would constantly look for anything that he did wrong to teach him a lesson. The chapters that detailed the abuse of his father were very hard for me to hear, often made me sick to my stomach and many times I had to pause the audiobook to take a break from what I was hearing. The sad reality of his story is there are many children whose reality that is and often times when something “looks” one way, the reality is often very different. Through hearing the rest of his story, it made me realize that life is tough. So many times we go through really hard things and at the time it is hard for us to see that it will get better and we can either allow that hard thing to make us or break us, its up to us.

It Doesnt Matter How Many Times You Fail

David Goggins went through 3 hell weeks for Navy Seal trainings. A hell week is where you are up for 5.5 days completing physically demanding task all day long. Listening to this part of the book really made me realize that physically we can do pretty much anything. David also attempted to break the world record for the number of pull ups and the first two times he tried he failed but each time he failed, that led him to reevaulate the things he did wrong and succeed on the thirst attempt. Life is all about trying, failing and adjusting. So many people try and fail and then give up.

It Doesnt Matter How Physically Unfit You Are

Once David decided that he wanted more from his life and was going to enroll in Navy Seal school, he had to lose more than 100 pounds in 3 months! Thats the equivalent of 33 pounds a month. (Here I am working on losing 10 pounds) Anyways, his dedication and determination led him to lose the weight. He was constantly running, biking and working out in order to accomplish his goal.

What do you want from your life?

Life is all about what you make it. I often wonder what sets “successful” people apart from the rest? The answer I believe is that they keep going no matter what. Life is hard, we all go through our fair share of failures, setbacks, struggles but the more you reflect on what happened and learn how you can improve the more prepared you are for the next obstacle. Cant Hurt Me is truly an amazing story of strength, resilence, perseverance and victory. It will definitely challenge you to reflect on your life and ask yourself if you are truly living at your maximum potential.

If you are truly ready for a change in your life, READ this book. Here is the link to the book on Amazon. You owe it to yourself to change your life!


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  1. Thank you for summarizing that book for us. That story of David Goggins is a story that many people resonate with. It is how to take the situation that matters. We cannot allow bad situations, especially those that were not caused by us to get us down.

    I like the question, ‘What do I want from My life?’ This has put a lot of perspective to my life. I know what I want and what I am willing to do to achieve it. No matter how long it takes.

    Thank you for such an eye-opening article. Will sure get the book.

  2. This is a very motivating and inspiring review. This life is full of lessons of which if we fail to comply with it, we are definitely planning to fail more. There is no creature that hasn’t stumbled before. Even the most successful people on earth had failed in one way or the other in their lives before. Their only difference from the people that are wrecked both physically, emotionally and financially is because they rise immediately when they fell. They took blames and accept responsibilities.They have a high quality perseverance and they sacrificed and take countless risks. Can’t hurt me is truly the poem of a successful mankind.

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